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Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo

General guidelines

Quality is of paramount importance in the activities we carry out at Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo. The general guidelines and aims that, in connection with quality, guide our company are manifested in the quality policy which has been established by management.

These guidelines are as follows:

  • Quality means meeting all of our clients' requirements and adapting in line with their evolution. The method of achieving quality is through planning and preventing instead of subsequent inspection.
  • The quality of our manufactured products is founded on a strategic advantage against our competitors.
  • Land conservation, which includes restoration and protection, as well as controlled landfill of waste.
Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo

Environmental quality and conservation

Throughout the company's trajectory we have implemented a continuous land conservation policy, which incorporates restoration and protection, as well as the controlled landfill of waste.

Quality, which is essential in our company's activities, we understand as meeting the needs of customers at all times, with a competitive service that integrates the participation of all staff members.

Come and visit us; we are located in the city of Segovia.
Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo

Quality aims

The general quality aims that we intend to achieve at Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo with the application, in the everyday practice, of the guidelines defined in the quality policy, are the following:
  • To ensure quality is a fundamental element in the company culture.
  • To ensure all staff members at Arena Silíceas Gómez Vallejo acknowledge and commit to the company Quality Policy and to develop participative quality management that harnesses the skills of the entire workforce.
  • To use raw minerals of the highest quality.
  • To have minimal impact on the environment, both through operations and in processing facilities.
Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo


Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo
Address: carretera Segovia - Arévalo, 3.6 km
SEGOVIA (Segovia) 40196
Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo
Telephone: 921 430 861
Fax: 921 430 350
We specialise in the extraction and production of silica sand in its different phases. Rely on us!

Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo