Sale of siliceous sands in Segovia

Sale of siliceous sands in Segovia

If you are looking for information and advice on the sale of siliceous sands, Basalt, PORFIDIC ARIDOS and the Marketing of Siliceous Sands in Segovia you have arrived at the perfect place. In Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo we will tell you everything you need to know about the so-called silica sand.

Where does this valuable mineral come from? It is obtained from old lakes and rivers, and also from rock formations subjected to a screening process with the aim of obtaining the sand in its different sizes and formats.

It is used in many products, both at the industrial level (water purification and purification, manufacture of bleach, industrial detergents and sandblasting) as a raw material in the manufacture of castings, non-slip floors and even for the manufacture of glass, thanks to its great hardness and high melting point.

In siliceous sands Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo we are experts in this type of minerals. We work with all types of arid materials to meet the specific needs of each client. In addition, a determining factor in our work is the quality of our manufactured products, since we have the best quality raw minerals and, very importantly, the identification and commitment of all our workers to seek this quality from the professionalism and daily work.

Finally, we must not forget the respect we have from Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo to our environment. We are committed to producing the least negative effect on the environment, both at the level of extractions and at the treatment plants.

Do not hesitate and come to meet us. Our experience and the trust of our clients support us. You will find us at Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo, Segovia, Carretera Segovia – Arévalo, CL- 607 - km 3,6, Segovia, 40196. You can contact by phone at 921 430 861 or if you prefer you can write to

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