Sale of Siliceous Sands in Segovia

Sale of Siliceous Sands

The sale of Arenas Silíceas is an activity that we can find in Segovia by the hand of the Company GOMEZ VALLEJO S.A. For a person who is not very aware of what we do, our activity aims to provide raw material for the elaboration of many products of daily life.

What is siliceous sand?

First we must know what is silica sand that is nothing more than the combination of the mineral silica and oxygen. Did you know that it is a highly stable compound and nothing dangerous? Siliceous sands are the basis of the manufacture of refractory bricks or filters in purification elements. That is, when you bathe in the pool, the filtering system probably contains siliceous sands. In the same way, it is the basis of an element used since ancient times and that is again in fashion, glass. The special siliceous sands with which we work meet the highest quality standards, in fact we have the IQNet certification, which accredits us at the highest level.

Other types of arenas

It should be noted that in Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo we have a commitment to the environment, as we try to minimize the impact that our activity causes, both in the extraction sites and in the treatment plant itself. All with the aim of achieving a quality product, with multiple applications. Silica allows us to use crockery, step on paved floors or make sure that many surfaces are clean thanks to the use of sandblasting.

Do you want to know more about how we work? You just have to stop by our plant to verify it, because in GOMEZ VALLEJO S.A., we have a commitment to quality, the environment and we are confident in offering products that meet high specifications.

Do you know the different applications of Siliceous Sands? GOMEZ VALLEJO, knows it well.