Silica in Segovia

The silica in Segovia

Silica in Segovia in Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo is one of the raw materials used to make glass or porcelain, as well as different ceramics.


Silica is a compound that is formed by oxygen and silicon and is used for various things such as the manufacture of glass, ceramics such as porcelain, or as a desiccant to absorb moisture that may be in any link where it is applied or as catalyst for the sulfuric acid production process.

Therefore, in our company we have this material for the manufacture of glass that together with various raw materials we make different types of glass. This process consists of melting the ingredients in an oven to have liquid crystal, then the glass sheet rests on top of the tin and solidifies, then the glass is heated again, so that it is cooled slowly and in this way it is not produce cracks, a diamond cuts the glass, so that the resulting sheets are then stored.

Porcelain is another of the possibilities we have for manufacturing with silica and that we carry out in our factory, where we have professionals who carry out this task as effectively as possible.

Silica is also used for blasting sands, so that it absorbs all the necessary moisture.

The pools are a good opportunity to check the ability of silica sand to absorb moisture and we are experts in using it.


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