Group companies in Segovia

Group Companies

The companies of the Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo group in Segovia are a good way to get closer to everything that has to do with the production of silica and its uses.


In the companies of the group we have different services such as the production of silica that we provide to customers who need it for their different uses. All our products have the guaranteed quality, something that allows us to give the maximum guarantee to our clients regarding their technical characteristics.

We also have other products such as special dry mortars that are used to make a structural repair of a specific component, it is designed with cements and aggregates to obtain a mortar without the need for a specific hole, it has a limitation related to the temperature that moves between 5 and 30 degrees positive, you should not add substances that affect the properties of the material that is hardened and you should not add more water when the mortar has lost its usual consistency. They aim to repair concrete both structurally and non-structurally and with specific thicknesses ranging from 5 to 80 millimeters that are flat. The surface is moistened before applying the necessary products, yes, without free water, they must also be clean, that is, without any dust or oils that can disturb the work. It must be stored in the original container and in a dry place that is protected from the weather. Here we have professionals specialized in this type of services.


Therefore, if you want to know more or have doubts, contact us at our phone number 921 430 861, write to our email Come to see us!

If you want to know our services call us at 921 430 861