Siliceous sand laboratories in Segovia

Our siliceous sand labs

The extraction of siliceous sands in Segovia has its history through the family business Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo. Our laboratories are the place where we perform the tasks of washing, inspection and control of siliceous sands.

We have a team of professionals guided by a head of laboratory that is responsible for the verification of the processes and the identification of the minerals in terms of their nature or reference classification.

Depending on the studies carried out, the inspection and control of siliceous sands with granulometric tests, humidity or clays, among others, is considered. This is the simplest and least expensive method to be able to correctly separate the different raw materials by the difference of their specific weights during the process stages.

Phases of the silica treatment process

  • Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Extracción de fase
  • Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Extracción y tratamiento

Extraction is the phase where the first silica treatments are performed.

Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Lavado de arenas

The washing of siliceous sands is the phase where hydrocyclones, rotary sorting trommels and clean waters (purified and treated) intervene, eliminating clays and storing them for drying.

  • Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Proceso de secado
  • Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Secado de arena
  • Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo Plantas de secado

The phase where we dry the silica: we have three drying plants to achieve the granulometric curves that customers demand.

Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo líneas de envasado

We package dry and wet products with three packaging lines and one automatic packaging, creating 2000 bags / hour.

Arenas Silíceas Gómez Vallejo logística del sector

The different forms of transport makes us one of the companies with the best logistics in the sector.

Today we have a silica treatment plant where we undergo quarry sands to different processes and with different granulometries we offer a better quality of the finished product. Physical and chemical properties are derived from the production of silica, which are the raw material for the manufacture of glass and porcelain. Visit our facilities and tell us what you need.

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